Greg Kramer, the Runaway

British by birth, Canadian by choice, this Greg Kramer was born in 1961 in an 18th century pub in a small village in Hertfordshire just north of London. He's Pisces, according to astrology, but Aquarius if you go by astronomy which is perhaps a wee bit more accurate. His mother died when he was 12 and after his father remarried the nurse who was looking after her, he ran away from home to the big city of London.

Another Iron Lady, Maggie Thatcher, gave him the incentive to leave the UK in 1981 and move to Canada. He landed in Vancouver, where he spent the next seven years. Then in 1988 (after Expo 86), he moved to Toronto, where he spent a decade before moving to Montreal in 1999.

These days he's based in Ottawa, but still likes to travel. Maybe he'll turn up down the road from you.

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